Uniwell Circuits

We are a leading China supplier of high-tech low-cost PCB from single-sided to multilayer boards with up to 64 layers

Uniwell supplies business customers with PCB prototypes and series. For boards that require tight space conditions or more bending cycles we also offer Rigid-Flex and HDI PCBs. We also offer laser-cut SMD-Stencils for the assembly with SMD components


  1. High-Tech Printed Circuit Board
  2. Precision SMD-Stencil
  3. 2 to 64 layers, 2 Week Express, 15 Years of Manufacturing experience
Sales Markets: Aerospace, Comercial, Industrial, Telcom, Transportation, Medical
Phone: 8.675526419411
Street Address: Building E8&A2 , Yanchuan North Industry Park, Bao'an District, Shenzhen , China
City: Bao'an District
State: Shenzhen
Country: China
Regions: Asia
Sales Volumes: Proto-Type
Board Types: Single Sided, Double Sided, Multi-Layer, Flex, Rigid Flex, Metal Backed / Metal Core
Max Layer Count: 40
Min Trace and Space: .003
Material Vendors: Arlon, Isola, Nelco, Rogers, Taconic
PCB Finishes: ENIG, Hard & Full Body Gold