Small, medium, and a growing number of large EMS manufacturers in the US today often times find themselves between a rock and a hard place when it comes to finding the right PCB supplier for an ever-growing number of smaller on-demand needs. On the one hand, they have a handful of large vendors that lack the interest to properly service lower volume needs and on in the other an abundance of small vendors that simply lack the technical capabilities and experience to fulfill those needs.

Electrotek aims to fill this gap. Operating as a manufacturer since 1968 we are of the appropriate size, have the technical experience, and company culture that allows us to deliver the unique solution you need – A high-quality product and service experience regardless of your order quantity or degree of expertise with PWBs.


Sales Markets: Aerospace, Comercial, Defense, Industrial
Phone: 1.4147621390
Fax Number: 1.4147621510
Street Address: 7745 South 10th Street Oak Creek
State: WI
Postal Code: 53154
Country: USA
Regions: North America
Sales Volumes: Proto-Type, Large [on site], Large [off site]
Board Types: Single Sided, Double Sided, Multi-Layer, Metal Backed / Metal Core, Embedded Devices
Max Layer Count: 30
Min Trace and Space: .003
Other Hole Types: Blind and Buried Vias, Non Conductive Hole Fill
Material Vendors: Dupont, FaradFlex, Isola, Panasonic Megtron, Rogers
PCB Finishes: HASL - HAL [lead], HASL - Lead Free, ENIG, Soft Gold [bondable], Hard & Full Body Gold, Immersion Silver, OSP