Shenzhen JinShengDa Electronics & Technology Co.,Ltd
Shenzhen JinShengDa Electronics & Technology Co.,Ltd

JSD PCB company is one of leading manufactures of prototypes and small volume PCB in China.13 years experience, more than 200 workers, have rich experiences engineers.


We can process more than 180 different part numbers in one day, 5000 square meters in one month,65% are Multilayer PCB.

Min. finished size is 10*10mm,  Max. finished size is 22.5*33.5inch,layer count 1~40 layers, board thickness VS drill bit size 15:1,Line width/spacing:2.5/3mil, Min hole size(laser drilling:0.1m)

We can always offer the best quality, the most competitive price, and professional service. Same price we can sure our quality is best.

We can promise 2 Hours for normal customer inquiries, free samples.  24*7 hours quotation service and engineering support.

Our Express Delivery is by FedEx/UPS/DEL/TNT,

So that we can reach "Customers first, fast and efficient" :

Quick turn service:                  
Double sides: 12~24 hours            
4~8 layers: 48 hours                  
10 ~14layers:3WD                                                                                     

More than 16 layers: Up to difficulty

PCB Material: Halogen Free, High TG(Shengyi TG  ITEQ  ≥170℃/180℃), High CTI(CTI>600V), Impedance control; High Frequency: (Rogers, Arlon, Nelco, Taconic, Teflon), PTFE, Aluminum


TangWei,Bao'an District,Shenzhen,Guangdong Province,P.R.China 518106




Phone: 008.675586197982
Fax Number: 008.675533816266
Country: China
Sales Volumes: Proto-Type, Medium
Board Types: Quick Turn, Single Sided, Double Sided, Multi-Layer, Flex, Rigid Flex, Metal Backed / Metal Core
Max Layer Count: 40
Min Trace and Space: .002
Other Hole Types: Laser Drilled
Material Vendors: Arlon, Dupont, Nelco, Rogers, ShengYi, Taconic
PCB Finishes: HASL - HAL [lead], HASL - Lead Free, ENIG, Soft Gold [bondable], Hard & Full Body Gold, ENEPIG, Immersion Silver