Hughes Circuits is San Diego County’s largest fully integrated electronics manufacturing service (EMS) company. We are the only EMS in San Diego which houses a complete PCB design service bureau, complete PCB fabrication facility, and full-service PCB assembly facility all at one location and under one management team.
URL: http://pcbinformation.com/index.php/tmp-fab/1:hughes-circuits-inc
PCB Board Types: Quick Turn, Single-Sided, Double-Sided, Multi-Layer, Flex, Rigid-Flex, Metal Backed -Metal Core, Embedded Devices 
Max Layers: 42
Min Spacing and Lines: Inners: .003" [.0762]Outers: .003" [.0762]
Material Vendors: 3m, Arlon, Dupont, Isola, Matrix, Nelco, Panasonic Megtron, Rogers, Taconic
Hole Types: Laser Drilled, Blind and Buried Vias, Conductive Hole Fill, Non-Conductive Hole Fill
Finishes: HASL - HAL (leaded), HASL - HAL (Lead-Free), ENIG, Solder Reflow, Soft Gold (bondable), Hard & Full Body Gold, ENEPIG, Immersion Silver, Immersion Tim, Carbon Ink, OSP, Oxides (black, brown)
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